Whispering Brook Farm & Art Studio


Enriching lives by teaching visual

arts in a beautiful country setting.

We are grateful to be Americans, and to the men and women who serve in our armed forces to keep America free.

Over the years, Whispering Brook Farm & Art Studio has demonstrated a unique capacity to serve the needs of three distinct populations:


Art for Families


Whispering Brook Farm & Art Studio is a creative playground for kids, teens and adults to discover the power of self-expression through the arts. We supplement the education students receive in the public schools; in many instances, we serve families who prefer to homeschool their children.  Instructional scheduling, frequency and location are matched with specific family needs. We also work with town Parks & Recreation Departments to provide community-based after-school programs.


Art for the Challenged


Whispering Brook Farm & Art Studio is a creative safe zone for teens and adults with mental, physical, and/or emotional challenges. We also serve at-risk children in the care of government agencies, foster and adoptive homes. For many, the studio's accepting environment and Karen's warm one-on-one TLC are transformational.


Art for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients (including Veterans)


Whispering Brook Farm & Art Studio is a creative and nurturing environment for kids, teens and adults with traumatic brain injuries caused by accidents, birth or medical conditions, or military service. We provide patients with the autonomy to express themselves and talk about their feelings. In many cases, we help to develop their creative skills to the point where they can sell their art! This contributes greatly to their sense of self-esteem, purpose and accomplishment. 


Special Events (such as Birthday Parties!)

Whispering Brook Farm & Art Studio is a unique, fun and creative place to host an indoor or outdoor arts-related birthday party. Each party is customized to meet your needs, so contact us today to explore the possibilities.   

Special Bonus: "Farm Animal Therapy!"

We have a dog, cat, horses, goats and birds. This unique learning environment is tranquil, pastoral, and rejuvinating. We help students to appreciate the "art" and "creativity" that's found in nature, too!